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Acting & Auditioning

Below are the lesson titles. When you purchase your class replays, be sure to put in the "description" section which ones you'd like emailed to you :)

Acting & Auditioning:

  • Acting Nerves & Self-Tape Details

  • Casting & Risks (Yours and the Producers')

  • Your Role In Casting

  • To School or Not to School? That is the Question

  • Acting Classes & Technique: When/Why/How for Your Career

  • Cold Reads: Valuable Acting Techniques for ALL Auditions

  • "Monologue-ing": How to Play to Your Strengths

  • Scene Partners: How to Work with Them Even if You Don't Have One

  • Crack Your Acting Code

  • Schooling, Your Reputation, & Stand-Out Auditions

  • Actors: Your Craft & Your Business Skills Matter

  • Opportunity, Casting Sites, & Your Craft

  • Acting Tip: Get Out of Your Way!

  • Character Development & Self-Tape Insights

  • Acting, Auditioning, & Technique

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