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There are multiple ways we can support you in build your acting career. Every actor has their own needs and career path because you're unique! Let's start using that to your advantage...

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Receive expert guidance on achieving your acting career goals. Learn how to market and go after the roles you're most likely to book and get action steps on creating the marketing materials that will level-up your professional actor status.

Spend two days in Atlanta, GA with an intimate group of fellow actors. Receive expert, individualized training on your acting technique, a customized scene for your acting goals, and professional on-brand reel footage for casting profiles.

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Rates | Refunds: We appreciate your interest in our coaching and education packages. Please note that once purchased, all coaching and education packages are non-refundable. Work with Jana to discuss payment plans and deposits. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to providing you with expert guidance and knowledge.

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