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LIVE Acting Intensive + Reel Footage

Atlanta, GA 

​Acting Technique Training + Actor Branding + Footage to get Cast

  • 6hr Acting Intensive: LIVE training with only 6 students

  • 8hr On-Set Intensive: Camera training with pro DP

  • 1hr Prep Call: Learn Objectives and Tactics Technique

  • 1hr Post Call: Get director's feedback and action steps for using your marketing footage

  • All Your Footage: Get every second of footage from set

  • Learn Editing: Receive education to edit your footage

  • Branding Call: Private call to decipher your actor brand

  • Custom Scene: Scene written just for you based on your brand and how you want to be cast

Cool Guy Energy
Working Late
Adrianna Clip Example
Stats Test
Cop vs Cop
Catch and Scare
Film Slate Marker
"Acting for Camera Intensive was a great stepping stone for my adjustment to a full-time actor in film industry! I have booked few feature films, few short films, and a lot more are coming!"
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Olga Petrovic

Intensive Format


Pre-Class Scene Assignment

  • Objective: In a group setting, review the tailored scenes based on desired roles and career growth needs.

  • Process: After a private call with Jana, actors receive custom scene assignments; this call with the group will introduce everyone and prep for the intensive.

  • Schedule:

    • ​Thurs. @ 7pm: Group Prep Call (Zoom)


Classroom Technique Day

  • Objective: Comprehensive learning on acting technique and scene work

  • Content: All students receive individualized support and guidance

  • Schedule:

    • Sat. @ 10:00am - 4:00pm (___, GA): Live in Classroom


On-Set Experience Day

  • Objective: Professional grade videography for top-quality reel footage.

  • Process: Work with a skilled director of photography in a live on-set environment.

  • Schedule:

    • Sun. @ 9:00am - 5:00pm
      (___, GA): Live On Set


Post-Class Follow-Up

  • Objective: Reinforce learning and address any queries.

  • Process: Discuss footage options and edits. Set next step goals.

  • Schedule:

    • ​Tues. @ 7pm: Group Prep Call (Zoom)

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Rates | Refunds: We appreciate your interest in our coaching and education packages. Please note that once purchased, all coaching and education packages are non-refundable. Work with Jana to discuss payment plans and deposits. 50% deposit is needed to secure your spot for the LIVE intensive. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to providing you with expert guidance and knowledge.

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