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Being an actor might seem like a confusing career path. Maybe you've noticed the literally 1,000,000+ actors vying for jobs on the casting sights. Perhaps you don't have any experience and feel like you're looking at an uphill, risky battle.

Well, welcome to The Actor's Code. We are here to clear the confusion, cut the risk, and provide you with the Secret, System, & Science to clear away the "competition" while supercharging your acting career in the most efficient way possible.

With years of industry insights and experience, we want to support you in building a career you can be proud of.

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What Actors Are Saying...


"There are not enough thank you's I can say for the amount of help you have given me...I am learning more than I ever did in acting class."

-Dexter, Film Actor (Jackson, MS)

 "I wake up early every morning so I can see your outstanding webinars. I am learning so much from you everyday. I have told my friends that I pick up a pearl of wisdom from your daily lectures that I can apply in my VO developments projects."

-Mike, VO Artist (Phoenix, AZ)

"I'm truly enjoying your videos, they are super helpful for me to strategize my next steps...thank you for being a beacon of light during this time for us quarantined actors :)"

-Alyssa, Actress (Brooklyn, NY)

“Jana’s energy is so loving and high, it really makes you feel safe and know you can trust her to help you through your acting journey. She is also so optimistic as well!! She has made me feel amazing about my self and has helped me open doors to what I can do. THANK YOU!!”


-Amanda, Actress, 15 (Fallston, MD)

"I just wanted to thank you again for speaking with me, it helped me so much just to hear from you about the opportunities out there and what I can do to reach my goals :) ... My motivation levels are now through the roof and I cannot wait to start on my journey through the world of acting."

-Caitlyn, Actress, 17 (Grand Rapids, MI)

"I would like to thank you immensely. Finding your webinar was a score but watching it and seeing how much you care about all the people you reach was really inspiring...Thank you for being such a positive role model."

-Daiva, Theatre Actress (Hamilton, ON)

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