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 ($197 Value) Your Investment = $97

Learn the Branding, Marketing, & Mindset

Needed to Stand Out from the Masses and Be a


In this Fundamentals Series, you'll learn from an industry expert how to build your acting career on a solid foundation. By understanding the Branding, Marketing, and Mindset necessary to supercharge your acting career, you'll be coached through a series of steps to cut the uncertainty of this career and be a PAID, WORKING actor.

  • 5 Video Lessons from The Actor's Code CEO, Jana Beeson

    • L1: A Positive Mindset - The Foundation of Building a Successful Acting Career

    • L2: There's Enough Work Out There for You! Creating Your Performer's Paycheck

    • L3: Your Branding and Unique Vibe - How You're Most Likely to Get Booked

    • L4: Know Who Your Are and Take Your Acting Career to the BANK

    • L5: Matching Your Unique Vibe with Career-Building Roles

  • Additional Guided Questions Per Each Lesson

  • Q&A Opportunities

  • Bonus resources and education

  • Exclusive, Industry-Disruptive Content & Tools...

What's Included:

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