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January Acting Career

Jump Start

Hello Actors! 2021 is a year unlike any other for the entertainment industry. This is a year of great opportunity, especially for up and coming actors. Join The Actor's Code CEO, Jana Beeson and other experts as we help you position your acting business to be profitable (and enjoyable!) next year.

With a series of four Monday classes entitled "The 4 Pillars of a Successful Acting Career" and an additional five-hour intensive on "The Fundamentals of Being a BANKable Actor," you're certain to have a January that sets you up for success in 2021.

Class Content includes:

- Successful Actor's Mindset

- Professional Actor Marketing

- Relationship Building for Your Acting Career

- Character Building and Acting Technique

- The Actor's Finances Equation

- and more!

Sign Up for Class

(Original = $497)

Limited Special = $97

Class schedule is:

- January 4th @ 12pm - 1pm EST

- January 9th @ 10am - 3pm EST (Saturday Intensive)

- January 11th @ 12pm - 1pm EST

- January 18th @ 12pm - 1pm EST

- January 25th @ 12pm - 1pm EST


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