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Mindset & Motivation

Below are the lesson titles. When you purchase your class replays, be sure to put in the "description" section which ones you'd like emailed to you :)

Mindset & Motivation:

  • Building Your Acting Career Support System

  • Speaking to Naysayers (Part 1)

  • Speaking to Naysayers (Part 2)

  • We are Different! Opportunity Abounds for You

  • Self-Awareness: Appreciate Yourself

  • The Four Agreements

  • Managing "Wrong" Turns

  • Boosting Your Work Ethic

  • Jealousy as Opportunity

  • Quitting: If/When/Why

  • Make it the "Right" Time and Place

  • Find the Balance - Not The Grind

  • You as a HEALTHY Actor

  • Motivation, Mindset, Money - OH MY!

  • Your MVP (Mission, Vision, & Purpose)

  • Trusting the Process & Yourself (Plus Clarifying Your "Vibe")

  • Using Acting to Help Others

  • Success (and Casting!) Patterns

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