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How Shakespeare Benefits Your Acting Career

4/16/21 It's almost Shakespeare's birthday! And we want to honor "The Bard" with a fun class dedicated to his work. Jana is thrilled to bring guest teacher and expert, Michael Connolly to The Actor's Code community! Michael joins us more than an actor (with numerous SAG-AFTRA projects/commercials, and multiple LORT stage performances). Formerly the head of Acting at Southern Methodist University, he taught Jana everything she knows about Shakespeare! Students at SMU continue to benefit from his easy, enjoyable approach to Shakespeare and Text Analysis as he continues on as Associate Professor for the BFA & MFA tracks. (FULL BIO HERE) We are grateful and excited to have Michael join us as a guest lecturer. You definitely WANT to be at this class! And to join us for the one-of-a-kind contest being announced on the call! Contest = 16th - 23rd. Sign Up:

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