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Trust the Process & Yourself (and clarifying your vibe!)

We spent some time on the most important aspect of building a lasting acting career: your mindset! We spoke to the importance of not just trusting that this career is possible and there are steps you can be taking, but also we addressed the importance of trusting your own abilities and capabilities to make this happen! Our questions today involved clarifying NOT your "type" but more importantly your vibe/personality and how that applies to the roles you are going after.


Start STRONG with The Fundamentals of Being a PAID, WORKING Actor:

Join us 9:30am EST TUES. & THURS. during this lockdown to discover ways you can continue to build and work on your acting career even though productions and theatres are currently on hiatus. The Actor's Code is here to support you with expert education and insider systems & professionalism that will help you supercharge your career and opportunities!

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